What if you would be out of work tomorrow?

Jun 05
2 min read
If you would be out of work tomorrow, how could you take the chance to use it for professional growth?

If I told you you will be out of work tomorrow, would you be able to tell me how you could earn money again?


Do you have very clearly identified what is exactly the value and service you add for the company you currently provide service to? Neither your role name of your job description: your value proposition.

And is there any way in which you could take the chance to re-shape your service before you provide them for someone else again? 

In a nutshell: how would you enrich or diversify that value proposition?


If that would happen:

  • How would you optimize your career in a way that now goes in the direction of you being “your own company” working on its portfolio? 
  • How would you organise so this creates an opportunity to be happier, have more freedom and have constant personal and professional growth?
  • Without all the infrastructure and logistics that your employer provides now, how would you keep your tasks, knowledge base, communications and so on organised in a way that they create even more value and are even more efficient?

Show up

Do have an idea on how you could provide that or a similar service to other companies or individuals? I don’t mean if you could be self-employed, that would not always be relevant.

What I mean is:

  • How would you make yourself so visible so other companies come to you to request your service?
  • What would make you different from anyone else in the same industry?
  • Thinking beyond your formal CV, what skills do you have that can either complement your service or be combined with it in a way you could offer more than one single service in your portfolio? 

Back to reality

Now, even if this does not happen.
What can you do today to create such a promising situation no matter if you are self-employed or not?

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