We overestimate the epic

Mar 30
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This Christmas, in a long discussion after having lunch with a friend, I said:

Do you know something that frustrates me sometimes? Realize that I am a person who has never lived pursuing a dream.

She gave me an interesting quarrel but, most importantly, the things that we commented from there made me reflect a lot on the value of what we are getting by day in our ordinary life.

I look back now and see that it is not true that I have not. It is true that I have not been struggling every day for ten years to achieve my childhood dream … then what?
At some point we started to believe that we all have a purpose in life, that we are destined to achieve something great and we have to fight for it. I am less and less in agreement.

I do not want this to be misinterpreted. I do not say that we are all destined to live all our lives as a mediocre conformist. What I say is that that vision is suffocating and alienating. We do not all have to look for something that moves our life from beginning to end and leave us the soul to achieve it. Much we are simply going to evolve and getting, or not, many of our new goals based on efforts of days, months or years, but we do not have to feel a kind of call from childhood.

I consider myself a very persevering person. With a great interest in structuring and optimizing the process of how I do things but also with a high orientation to results. I do things. I start them even if I do not have all the conditions and I am learning along the way. Many of these roads have taken me to destinations that were not exactly what I imagined, but I do not end up feeling that this is a failure because I have walked that path and that has not only made me move but also, in some way, acquire new tools and relationships that have nourished me and prepared for new challenges.

It seems that we are only impressed by enormous results that are difficult to achieve and curiously, it costs us much less to see that achievement in other people than in ourselves. I’m not sure where that exaltation of the epic and contempt of everyday life began, but I think it also has to do with the fact that, when it comes to others, we see rather the beginning and the end and that implies a leap. When we are our own processes and achievements, as they are followed day by day, it is like not realizing that one has gained weight or grown until someone tells you.

There is a lot of achievement and learning in someone who gets to take things forward every day step by step. There is a lot of evolution in the constancy of the small goals. It would be better to think about how many times you have managed to learn a new skill. How many times have you been capable of a self-learning that was very worthwhile. Have you changed profession more than once? That is not easy.

Every time we realize that we have crossed the goal of an objective, even if we realize that some time ago since the day we achieved it, it would be good to do an inspection and retrospective to be aware of how much we It has cost every day to get it. Maybe that will help us see the epic in our daily achievements or, instead, learn to enjoy the incredible of living a life without being an international hero and still have an impact on the world.

You have probably done many things that, for others, it would be amazing to be able to get and you are not even realizing it.

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