The last link in the nerves chain

If you are in a group or environment where, for whatever reason, the nerves spread, the best thing you can do is to become the last link in that chain.

Transmit security or calm is not easy but, if you somehow lead teams, it is your best option. In my opinion, it should be the only acceptable one.

Never continue the spiral. Do not transmit your nervousness to someone to force others to solve what presses you.

Better transmit the importance of the facts and facilitate the resolution or search for solutions. Help others, if they can really help you to get over it, to work on ways to improve things instead of putting a backpack of pressure on them. That would make it harder for them to move clearly. If it is not something that is in their hand to resolve, you should directly manage that anxiety by yourself.

If in one way or another you lead or manage a team make your best effort to be the one who breaks the chain. «They put pressure on me» or «they hurry me up» is a childish response; As they beat me in the yard, I beat you.

Do not get carried away, stop a moment, breathe, be objective and seek collaboration. Is not the simplest at all but differentiates who leads who simply rule.


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