International environment: It’s not just about languages

I feel fortunate for working in such an international environment.

You would say the most challenging part is the language. It is not. Having English as common language helps with that. Of course we all have different levels, accents, not all of us are native speakers. I am not, for sure. There is also the debate about if it is equally fair then for everyone to use language which is native for some of the people but, to be honest, English is nowadays the business language all around the world, so let’s skip that debate by now.

As I say, it is not about the language. It is about culture, and culture is not just tradition but a whole net of implications, tendencies and nuances in the way we interpret the world. The work here having this in mind and think about so many different cultures that you can learn from and deepen on while becoming better with human interactions.

It is very interesting to remove that western cultural veil that we can have to get to know the nuances on how different cultures understand what is a more or less direct message, how we all perceive what is more or less «normal» in conversations or even just how we each interpret hierarchy based on our cultural background.

From my perspective is an enriching opportunity if you are interested in human interactions and communication issues. You would be surprised. Not only this. I think that experiencing this kind of environment is good not only for profiles like the Agile Coach one, but for any person.

This would, for sure if you listen carefully to other people, make you grow as an individual. But if you get to work as a Coach in any kind of really cultural diverse environment, never give for granted that the way you and others communicate and interact is equally valid for everyone in the company.


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