Agile Atelier: A podcast to listen carefully

Apr 13
< 1 min read

My dear colleague Rahul Bhattacharya has officially launched a very cool podcast that I really think you could be interested in following: Agile Atelier.

I know Rahul, we work together, so I know the amount of effort and dedication he puts in his craft and therefore I think this podcast will never be buzzwords or just opinions to please someone.

In Agile Atelier you will find discussions, tips & ticks, techniques and insights from very valuable professionals of the Agile community. Not just Agile Coaches but also testers, Lean experts and other profiles to come.

For the episodes that are currently available you can hear Daniel Karlsson, Colm Ó hEocha, Nils Schnell, Augusto Evangelisti, and Vasco Duarte.

This podcast might become a new resource you want to have in your learning toolbox as it will bring you new ideas and challenging proposals, which is always something to be grateful for.

I have already subscribed in iTunes, but if you prefer so, you can also do it in Spotify, as the podcast is already available in both platforms.

Spotify –  
iTunes –

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